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1.Before buying a plot, with layout map and its details for selecting a plot without doshas.

2.Before or after drawing your building plan to verify whether it is under vatu principles.

3.Before buying a flat/building with its drawing for analyzing that can we make it a vastu flat/building by doing only slight changes in it.

4.Before starting works like cleaning the site, doing bhoomi pooja, laying roof, fixing door for getting auspicious times.

5.Before buying the farm land, to make subdivision in it to cut the dosha land or well etc.

6.Before buying or occupying for rent a shop/business building to arrange room partitions, doors, things, cash counters, customer waiting area, cleaning section, powder room, manager room etc. in their proper sthana.

7.Before after rising small doubts in my plan when you are doing building works as I mentioned.

8.Before demolishing your existing building to get an auspicious time to demolish. Not only that, you have to identify the place where you start.

9.Before you get elevation photo of my plan for verifying if any doshas are in that elevation designs.

10.Before you occupied your home and before you lay eaves/leanings or build any room or tanks for any purpose. Because, the structures you are trying to make would change the sthana of your building or make doshas in your building.